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About Us

EmirTrans Textile Transfer Paper

Emirtrans Textile Sublimation Digital Printing Papers Inc.

Emirtrans Textile Sublimation Digital Printing Papers Inc. Foundations operating in the stationery sector in 1981 and Aymat Shipbuilding & Printing Supplies has been in operation as a subsidiary of the company.

We have acquired 35 years of experience in the paper industry and 15 years of know-how, our technical textiles, it has pushed us to be a part of the digital textile transfer paper production.

Emirtrans Textile Digital Printing Papers; The technology alone is not sufficient for a quality production, from manufacturing to sales, management, marketing, quality of human resources, considers that the most important factors affecting the result.

Well, not the best to reach our goal, it is the biggest factor that makes us successful this way.

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Our mission

And a customer focused approach to the happiness of our employees in Turkey and in the world and is known to produce the highest quality digital transfer paper. To move to a higher level position in the industry and to invest in infrastructure that won our most important mission.

Our vision

Follow developments in the sector, to develop products that will represent the quality emirtrans transfer printing paper is delivered to customers with an appropriate price policy.

Our principles

- Reputable, stable and reliable institution.
- the key to success efficient, disciplined and believes that the planned work.
- tries to be the best in the area in which it operates, the result is a focused, no compromise on quality products and services.
- Customer focused, determined by the demand and expectations of the market, the production is directed by him.
- It is dynamic, innovation and value the creativity, invests in R & D.
- Depending on national values and is open to the world.
- responsible towards society and the environment in mind.